Systems thinking analytics modelling

Data analytics and modelling

The art is to take something complex and make it simple

Tanzo Creative provides data analytics and modelling services to support effective decision making. We specialise in developing creative solutions to complex problems which require simple presentation to decision makers.

Our approach is to fully engage with your organisation to understand the problem to be solved and gather available data, whether that is qualitative or quantitative; non-financial or financial. We use modern, best practice tools to perform data analysis, develop models, and produce interactive presentations. We can, where required, extend tools with custom code development to meet specific needs.

We believe in a post-Excel world. Whilst Excel still has its uses, and it is easy to share Excel workbooks, the nature of modern day business problems and availability of large quantities of data makes it an unsuitable tool for many data analysis and modelling problems. In the areas of business dashboards, data anlytics, systems dynamics, discrete event simulation. agent based modelling, and machine learning other tools exist which are better suited to meet the analysis, modelling and data presentation needs of modern organisations. Tanzo Creative has the skills to capitalise on these tools, taking complex problems and making them simple.

We are based in the South of England and are prepared to work flexibly depending upon the project requirements. Should you have data analytics and financial modelling needs then please feel free to contact us using the contact form.