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David Plummer MIET

Principal and consultant

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David has over thirty years business experience in both public and private sectors developing new business, products and services.

He has a strong focus on numbers and their role in supporting effective decision making, whether those numbers represent demand, activity, income or expenditure.

Key projects that David has delivered include:

  • Modelling epidemiological need for healthcare services
  • Pricing tools for use by commercial and operational teams to reduce the risk and cost of bidding both within the healthcare and telecommunications sector.
  • Costing models for health and social care pathways
  • Determining the profitability of telecommunications products and service, providing evidence to support regulatory determinations
  • Valuation models to support mergers and acquisitions, and license applications in the telecommunications industry.
  • Whole life costing of telecommunications solutions to demonstrate value to key customers.

Outside of work, David has a keen interest in photography, and creative writing.

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